Om het twintigjarige bestaan van InsideOut Music te vieren gaan Neal Morse en Roine Stolt samen het komende voorjaar op tour voor een aantal speciale shows. The Flower Kings en Neal Morse zullen te zien zijn in een 3,5 uur durend prog rock spektakel. Deze speciale show is in de Benelux te zien op 6 maart in de Boerderij in Zoetermeer.

Roine Stolt over de shows: “We hope to make every evening special – with jamming and interacting – a modern “The Last Waltz” that can happen with 11 musicians, no egos and 3,5 hours to kill. There were the times of Fillmore East & Fillmore West in the USA in late 60’s, it had all these insanely great bills every time, it’s rock history and it’s been in our system since we were teenagers. With The Flower Kings we have fans seeing 4 or 5 shows of a tour and we want to surprise them too. We love our fans dearly and we even know many of them, not only by face, but by name. Those smiling faces are the true reward and it’s like seeing old friends. I know so many fans in Peru, Argentina, Indonesia, Greece, Israel, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Canada, Finland, Norway etc. want to see a show like this, but for geographic, political or health reasons don’t have the chance or funds to get to a show like this. But we want to step into their living rooms and bring this joy to everyone, every age so we are planning to record the show, for a future release. Just having 11 musicians on tour together will be great – the sheer musicality onboard that bus will most likely make it implode. We are all looking forward to this grand adventure in 2013 and to play together and bring all this talent together for a night to remember.”