Afgelopen maand stond het piepjonge Noorse cellopunkgezelschap Honningbarna nog vier keer op de podiumplanken in Nederland, waaronder op Eurosonic op vrijdag 13 januari jl. in de Vera. Vanmorgen bereikte ons het droevige nieuws dat Honningbarna-drummer Anders Askildsen Eikås is omgekomen in een auto-ongeluk. De overige bandleden van Honningbarna zijn in diepe rouw gedompeld. De officiële verklaring van manager Louis Holbrook vindt u hieronder. Onze gedachten gaan uit naar de familie van Anders, zijn band en alle overige nabestaanden.

It's with a very heavy heart I bring the news to you that the drummer of Honningbarna, Anders Askildsen Eikås (20) died in a car crash tonight. The boys are a tight knit gang of friends, and they are of course extremely affected by what has happened. Our thoughts go to Anders' family at this time.

It is also too early to say what will happen to the band, but their most imminent performances will be cancelled until they've decided on where to go next. I will let you know when the decision has been made. I do not have further details on what has occurred right now. I ask for understanding for that the family and the band wish to be shielded from outside enquieries at this time.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.


Louis Holbrook, manager