James Vincent McMorrow heeft zijn nieuwe album ‘True Care’ aangekondigd. Deze kersverse langspeler van de ook in Nederland erg populaire Ierse singer-songwriter komt op 26 mei uit (via AllPoints Recordings). Informatie en lyrics zijn hier alvast te vinden.

Over ‘True Care’ zegt James het volgende: “Life is long. But then, it isn’t really. Since I’ve been making records it’s been about following a cycle. Make a record. Wait. Release a record. Play for 18 months. Take a break. I don’t really understand that cycle any more. I want to make records when I’m compelled to, and I want to release them when they’re still as fresh to me as they are to whomever is hearing them for the first time. The idea of sitting around waiting doesn’t make sense to me.”

James vervolgt: “I had an idea fixed in my head since the second I stopped making We Move. This idea of a very real now, and a very vague future. I had this date, December 2914, which I was writing towards. Not in a specific, ‘what will it be like in the future’ kind of way. I just wanted to fix a point way out there, so far away that I’ll never see it, and use it as an anchor point to start writing about my life now, remembering my life before now, and the complete abstraction that is my life in the future.”

‘True Care’ is de opvolger van James Vincent McMorrow’s succesvolle studioalbum ‘We Move’ uit 2016.


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